Layup Facilities

Layup Facilities

The Placement Program uses four facilities across California to provide our recently retired Thoroughbreds with the rehabilitation and rest they need during their time with us. We graciously thank our layup facility partners for the outstanding  care they give our horses.

Southern California

Located in Apple Valley, California, Mojave Run is where the majority of  our CARMA  horses go to let down, relax and recuperate. With the sun warming the soft desert sand, the horses enjoy a herd atmosphere in a peaceful environment.

Just 15 minutes from Santa Anita Park, Pasadena Polo Club is our triage unit for our newly retired race horses who need close monitoring, confined quarters  and veterinary care. This facility offers box stalls, 12x24 fully covered wired pipe stalls  and a detailed rehabilitation routine.

Northern California

Pegasus Ranch is located in Petaluma and is owned by Tom Bachman, The beautiful property boasts grass  pastures and has stalls to help our horses through various stages of rehabilitation. 

Perham Ranch is an equine rehabilitation and lay up facility for post surgical care. They offer stalls, individual and group pastures. The beautiful property is located in Elk Grove.