Placement Program Graduate Update

Complete the form in its entirety as it applies. Please feel free to share as much information as you would like. We love hearing all the great things the graduates are doing in their new lives.

This is a requirement of all CARMA grant recipients.

Horse Info

Adopter Information

If adopted, please provide the name of the new owner, their contact information, the address of where the horse is being kept and what the horse is doing in its new home.

The date the horse went to its new home

Street Address, City, State and Zip Code

Example: Sport horse, recreational riding, pasture pal, etc.

Horse Update

If the horse is still in your program, please answer the following.

Ex: Retraining for dressage, permanent sanctuary, continuing rehabilitation, etc.

Note: This information will be shared on our website and social media.

Ex: He is very sweet and we love having him in our barn. He enjoys playing in the water bucket!

Horse Photos

In addition to filling out the form, include at least one current photo of the horse. The horse's entire body must be visible.