Placement Program Supporters


KC Horse Transport, Inc.

We frequently work with KC Horse Transport, Inc. due to their dependability and generosity. They help us take retire racehorses directly off the track, deliver them to our layup facilities and then eventually bring them to their new homes all across California and even out of state.

Blew By U Horse Transportation

Owners Bill and Felicia Brucker of Blew By U Horse Transportation are our go-to haulers for Northern and Central California.

Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation

One of our haulers serving us nationwide is Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation. Not only do they help us on out-of-state hauls, they are a prominent figure in California - helping us move our horses from the race track to the next stage of their journey. 

Vet Care

Southern California Equine Foundation, Inc.

Due to the technology and generosity of the Southern California Equine Foundation, Inc.  retired racehorse entering our Placement Program can receive surgery to better their quality of life. CARMA wholeheartedly thanks the veterinarians on the racetrack backside who donate their time and skills to performs surgeries on our horses.


SynNutra Equine is a company committed to the research and development of effective products designed to treat racehorse medical issues. With all-natural, field-tested herbal ingredients and endogenous nutrients products, our Placement Program horses with ulcers thrive on their GastroMend™ formula - which is generously donated to us from founder Dr. Edwin Simpson.