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I hereby surrender custody and deliver possession of the Thoroughbred horse named "Test Horse" field below to the CALIFORNIA RETIREMENT MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT (CARMA) identified below, with the intent to, and do hereby, relinquish all ownership rights to such horse(s).

I represent and warrant that I have the right and/or are otherwise authorized to execute this Form, surrender custody of, deliver possession to, transfer title in, and convey such ownership rights that now exist in the horses(s) named above, to such individual or entity subsequently deemed appropriate by the CARMA.

I understand that CARMA shall not be responsible for any financial or other obligation incurred by any prior owners(s) of such horse(s) relating in any way to the horse(s) prior to the completed execution of this Transfer and Surrender Form, and delivery of such horse(s) to CARMA. By signing below, I hereby waive any waiting period before disposition of such horse(s).

Should CARMA find a suitable home for such horse(s), I hereby consent in advance to the adoption, acquisition, and subsequent transfer of ownership of such horse(s) to the individual(s)/organization(s) deemed appropriate by CARMA, in their sole and exclusive discretion. I understand and agree that I am now authorizing and committing to the subsequent transfer of the full ownership of such horse(s) to such individual or organization, and that I shall willingly execute any additional documentation, if any, necessary to finalize such transfer of ownership.

At its expense, I hereby authorize CARMA to arrange for all necessary veterinary treatment or procedures considered to be needed in the best interest of the animal. I expressly acknowledge that necessary veterinary procedures may include euthanasia in the event of CARMA is unable to find a suitable home for the equine(s), and/or CARMA does not have the capacity to care for the equine(s), and/or veterinarian(s) determine, in their professional opinion based on euthanasia guidelines as outlined in the AAEP Guidelines for Euthanasia, that euthanasia is appropriate given the horse’s physical and/or mental condition.

Having given full consideration to the terms of this agreement, and understanding my obligations and waivers pursuant hereto, I have decided to and therefore do willingly relinquish custody, possession, and control of such horse(s) to CARMA and agree to all of the terms of this agreement by signing below.

CARMA Representative Signature

CARMA Representative: Natalie Rietkerk
Date: 11/1/2019

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