Placement Program Horse Questionnaire

Fill out the Horse Questionnaire below in its entirety and in as much detail as possible. Completion of this form does not mean the retired racing Thoroughbred in question has been accepted into the CARMA Placement Program. This document is to used gather required information for the equine to be considered.
To be eligible, the connections must participate in the 3/10 of 1% Purse Contribution Program. The horse must be a filly, mare or gelding who has raced at Santa Anita Park, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Los Alamitos Thoroughbred Racing, Golden Gate Fields or California Authority of Racing Fairs in the last six months. Unraced Thoroughbreds currently in training may be eligible as capacity permits.
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Please enter your contact information below. We'll reach out to you after receiving your submission to confirm all information is correct and to provide next steps on moving forward with our Placement Program.

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In order for this horse to be considered for the Placement Program we need an accurate written report from the vet and/or trainer with a diagnosis, treatment, recent radiographs and prognosis. The withholding of said information will automatically disqualify the horse from being a candidate.

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