CARMA Featured in Thoroughbred Daily News!

We’re proud to share that CARMA was recently featured in Thoroughbred Daily News (TDN) in an article titled “Filling the Aftercare Gaps in States Like Arizona.”

In the article, our team discusses the obstacles in providing aftercare in under-resourced states like Arizona. CARMA provides a few recommendations for how this gap can be bridged:

  1. Modeling Successful Programs: Other tracks can model the programs that exist in California, where there is an on-track aftercare liaison who connects owners and trainers with aftercare organizations and homes, creating a go to expert to consult when horses racing careers conclude.
  2. Owner Preparation and Cost Management: Raise awareness that rehoming horses can take time. Owners can reduce costs by re-stabling their horses off the track at local farms, which are also more willing to maintain the care of the horse for the time it takes to find a new home.
  3. Utilizing Accredited/Vetted Organizations: Owners and trainers can consult the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance website for a list of accredited aftercare organizations throughout the nation. They can also consult CARMA’s Aftercare Charity Partner Directory for a list of organizations CARMA grants to and inspects annually. Placing horses through accredited/vetted facilities eases the burden on owners for finding safe homes, as these organizations are set up with these processes and networks.

We encourage you to read the full article on TDN to learn more about the critical role of aftercare and how organizations like CARMA are making a difference.

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